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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 23 ~ The G. Craig Lewis Gospel

I haven't mentioned Elder Lewis in quite some time and they say that even a broke clock is right twice a day-LOL!!! Not saying that he is a "broke clock" but ANYWAY, in this interview our dear friend G. Craig Lewis tackles the questions asked by Gospel Truth Magazine regarding the "Gospel music industry" and the problems that he knows that exist as gospel artists have sold themselves into silence against the culture. On THIS issue, I believe brother is certainly on point and I appreciate his work in that area of ministry.

Now he was 100% CORRECT speaking about not allowing homosexuals to serve in ministry, but around 21:57 he says that homosexuals shouldn't even be allowed in the church...I think he should go back to the drawing-board on that one...As he says he asks others, "Where's that at in the bible?" This is where the "broke clock" comes in. I don't believe you'll find that one or anything that says, block the door of the church for any sinner, that hadn't already been condemned and judged by God. Howbeit, (and I render this in hope that I am correct about his intention) I BELIEVE he was referring to the acceptance and perpetuation of homosexual behavior as being the problem...although that's not what he stated. He stated, they shouldn't be in the church period. So I don't know...All I know is Jesus said this: 

Lk. 19:10 ~ For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

The CHURCH is the only hope for all sinners. If we have POWER, they should be able to come and be delivered and set free. That's the church and what it's about, whether we're comfortable or uncomfortable with what we have to do to not allow their sin to be embraced by others. We can put boundaries around any ungodly activity in church, including the ungodly activity of homosexuality but let ALL sinners come to Jesus and HIS church! Even if they have to sit until they are set free.... 

Anyway, except for that little misstep, I think there are some good questions that can be raised by his commentary.


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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Constitutional Protection Of Ferguson Protesters SHOT DOWN!

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon allowed whom he described as "a very few" and "hand full of looters" to trump the Constitutional rights of the thousands gathered together in peaceful protests and assembly in Ferguson, MO. in response to the Michael Brown murder. 

In what was one of the most contentious press conferences that I've ever witnessed, the Governor gave away the Constitutionally protected rights of peaceful citizens to some opportunist crooks under the guise of community "safety". Some, including the Governor, have been duped into believing that this should have been done to settle the crowd down and to place parameters on protest. Only that is a violation of the law for peaceable protest...I and many others say...ARREST those responsible for the crimes, BUT begin with the crime committed by the officer who killed a young man with his hands raised! 

At this time however, there is still no statement from the police as to any potential charges that could be leveled against the officer. "It is still under investigation" is the phrase to wart off any possible demand for acquisition of the individual suspected to have killed Michael Brown. On the other hand, what there has been are pictures and statements that implicate Michael Brown and call his character into question saying that he was a "man on the run" looking to start trouble with the police over cigarillos that he reportedly stole from the store prior to his death. This is said to have placed him in an "offensive" mindset, whereby he would have attacked the police...like a modern day, Al Capone, John Dillinger or Pretty Boy Floyd....We are to believe that Michael Brown was willing to establish a lifelong criminal record over some cigarillos....OK...SURE!!!!

As the family continues their quest for justice, we find that we are following the same path as the highly publicized case of Trayvon Martin's family in their quest for justice. Once again, we wait for anyone to even admit that something was wrong when a person gets shot multiple times from a distance with their hands up in a surrender position. Further, what we have also found out is that Michael was blocked from getting any type of medical care. Yes, there was a RN on site that begged police to allow her to tend to the victim...she was prohibited from doing anything and yet Michael's body lay in the street over 45 minutes.

Then YOU think that citizens, fed up with it all should just, "go home" and "calm down"? R U Serious?   

Citizens of Ferguson WE STAND with you! 


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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dunamis Word Podcasts Back On Line

Read This New Article: 
Rights, & The Foundation Of Marriage Within Civil Society.

All current podcasts are back up, including all broadcasts discussing sexual abuse.

Click HERE for most recent broadcasts 

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to bring you a better and more comprehensive service along with expanded Youtube visibility. 

Thanks for the encouragements.


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Monday, August 11, 2014

Is It Open Season On Black Men?


18 Yr. Old Michael Brown
18 year old, UNARMED, Black youth Michael Brown, was killed by the Police in Ferguson, MO Saturday afternoon Aug. 9th, 2014. According to the police, Michael was a participant in an "altercation" with police when "someone" fired a shot at the police. The policeman, after being pushed into his car, responded by coming up and shooting multiple shots. Reportedly, Michael was hit by most of these multiple shots and killed.

Eyewitnesses however have somewhat of a different version of events which has stirred considerable controversy. One eyewitness, who happens to be the other young man whom the police stopped with Michael, Dorian Johnson, reported that the police initially stopped both the youths without provocation and proceeded to try to place Michael in the squad car forcibly. Michael resisted. The police evidently shot though no shots were fired at him/them. Johnson went on to say this:
“He shot again and once my friend felt that shot he turned around and put his hands in the air and started to get down, and the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.”...“We wasn’t causing no harm to nobody [sic],”...“We had no weapons on us at all.”
Another witness affirms Johnson's account of the story by saying:
He kicked the door opened trying to hit him with the door. The door flew back and hit his leg. He pulled his gun out and shot inside the car, trying to hit [Mike]. [Mike] got out the car. Dude on his knees like this, “Bruh, don’t shoot me. Don’t shoot me.” Shot him dead in the head and then walked up to his body and shot him four more times. Looked at his eyes, paused for a minute and shot him four more times. They talking about [he] was running from the police. For one, [his] shorts was way down here, he got on flip flops, how the f-ck he running from the police?  
He wasn’t running from the police. The Ferguson market didn’t even call the police. He didn’t steal sh*t. The police just wanted to do the sh*t. He saw a black dude, like 300lbs, 6’4. He’s like f-ck it, I’m not going to fight him. Yeah, suicide type sh*t. My dude was already on his knees like, “Bruh, don’t shoot me.” His hands threw up. What kind of sh*t is that? Yeah a black dude got shot…it ain’t no this dude? He didn’t do [anything] to you. Y’all didn’t get sh*t like that. It’s more than that. Why you messing with no call.

Yet another female witness on NBC nightly News claims and affirms the alternate versions of the story are true. She claimed that Michael, was running away from the Police, stopped at their demand, turned around with his hands up, but was still shot in the head and the chest by the police and fell to the ground. 

In all cases, except for the police version, Michael was not resisting arrest in the end and was still shot to death by a police officer. 

Controversy & Unrest In The Community & Family

Needless to say that this event has sparked considerable outrage particularly from the inner city residents of Ferguson and even from residents of nearby St. Louis. As late as Sunday afternoon, what was slated to be a peaceful vigil in commemoration of Michael ended in multiple arrests, looting, destroyed business establishments, bottles and rocks being thrown at the police and a considerable community riot that continues to the time of this writing. The dissatisfaction has been leveled at the local police who came in riot gear and full force, over some 200 strong, with dogs, in effort to defend the city and bring order.

School, which was scheduled to begin again on Monday Aug. 11th, was cancelled for fear of the ongoing community unrest and violence in the streets. under direction of US Attorney General Eric Holder, the FBI has been called in to conduct a concurrent investigation into Michael's death looking for any possible civil rights violations which may have occurred.

According to all reports, the situation on the ground is yet touch and go and there is still yet violence and demonstrations in the streets of Ferguson, MO and STL. Michael's family (Mother & Father) have called for peace, due process and for citizens to let the process of justice work stating:

"The violence needs to stop. The support is needed, but not the violence. The violence needs to stop!" ~ Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown's Mother.  

Black Leaders

Referencing the tragedy, Black leaders have all around the country have called for peace from the citizens. In a written statement NAACP President Cornell W. Brooks stated:
"Michael Brown was preparing to begin college, and now his family is preparing to bury their child — his life cut short in a tragic encounter with the police."..."Even as we call for accountability by those charged with protecting the community, we call on the community to act — collectively and calmly until we secure justice for the family of Michael Brown,"
Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network says that Michael's grandfather has reached out to him asking him:
“to come to St. Louis in light of the police killing of his grandson to assist the family in achieving a fair investigation and justice.”
Esaw Garner & Al Sharpton
One more thing on this, often when Black leaders speak up on issues, conservative Whites criticize them as "taking advantage of people's pain". While some of that may be attributable to the actions of some activists themselves, in many of these cases, including all them discussed in this article, if there was no Black leader or voice bringing things to attention, the ESTABLISHMENT, controlled primarily by White individuals would not give many of these issues the time of day. In most cases, unless we Black people, make it news and bring the issues to the forefront, it will stay in the background all day long. In addition, I see NONE of the critics providing relief for the families affected by these horrible tragedies, wiping the tears of the families or holding
their hands when survivors need relief.

After having performed over 40 community prayer vigils in my community since 2008, in which death by homicide was the cause of the community gathering, I can proudly say, that I am GLAD to be there for every family to speak toward the healing of the community and justice for the affected individuals. Just in case you haven't figured it out, these type of things affect ALL of us. 

So I am THANKFUL for these and other Black Leaders who make and take a stand on issues of national importance. THIS is one such issue among many that we, as a community, both Black and White, must address and overcome.

Open Season On Black Men?

The St. Louis area will certainly never be the same after this event, but there is even more to the whole set of events than meets the eye. This killing along with others in which Black men have lost their lives at the hands of authority in recent times, causes us to continue to question both the motive, motivation and operation of the police departments and authorities in general.

Here's a snippet of the concern:

Social commentor Marc L. Hill notes that a Black man is killed by "authorities" in America on average every 28 hours and in most cases the man being killed is not rioting or inciting community violence. That is alarming all by itself but let me reference some recent examples:   

According to the website Hip-Hop & Politics, between Jan. 1st and March 31st 2012, 28 Black men were killed by police, security officials, or self appointed community "peace keepers". Of the 28 people killed, 18 were unarmed, and 8 were alleged to have been in possession of non-lethal weapons. 7 of them appeared to be emotionally disturbed and 10 of them were engaged in illegal or potentially illegal activity.

One of the more popular murders that occurred during that time (in 3 months) was the murder of Trayvon Martin, who's killer, George Zimmerman was acquitted, but who has also faced considerable legal troubles since.

Although Trayvon Martin was in Florida, there seems to always be problems in New York as well. Recently, Eric Garner, a 43 year old Black man AND FATHER OF 6, was choked to death by police in Staten Island, NY. This was after the police engaged him and AFTER he broke up a fight on the street. Although this murder was caught on video the police initially denied what was clearly obvious to all of us looking on; that they and their strong arm tactics used by the NYPD were the cause of Mr. Garner's death. The whole incident arose from "suspected" sale of individual cigarettes by Mr. Garner to an unnamed  person or individual. The tactics were initiated by police whom Garner knew and claimed that had been otherwise "harassing" him. The police, still yet defending themselves said this:
Eric & Esaw Garner
"We believe, however, that if he (Garner) had not resisted the lawful order of the police officers placing him under arrest, this tragedy would not have occurred." ~ Patrick "Lynch",  President of the City's Patrolman's "Benevolent" Assn. (quotations added)
Even though NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has vowed to retrain all officers in the use of force, he continues to justify the officers use of force by stating that they should continue to uphold policy regarding even minor violations such as selling loose cigarettes.

The fact is that we think so too, but KILLING a man over a cigarette simply isn't a good way to make a difference in the community, unless that difference is intended to terrorize certain segments of the community.

Next? Death over the 17oz drink cup????

Are Black Men Safe At Walmart?

On Tuesday Aug. 5th in Beavercreek, OH a 22 year old Black man, John Crawford,  was considering buying a Crosman MK-177 Air Rifle that was sold at the local Walmart. Evidently Mr. Crawford was not moving quickly enough to purchase, and being Black with a gun was far too dangerous of a combination both for the police and the customers of the store. The Beavercreek police shot and killed Mr. Crawford claiming that he was unresponsive to their demands for him to drop the weapon (which he was purchasing). In the process another customer, 37 year old Angela Williams, died, (probably of a heart attack) as she tried to dodge the incident.

In this case it was a 2 for one deal...the BLACK LIGHT'S OUT SPECIAL! That story and news links can be found HERE

Community Policing & The "Broken Windows" FAILURE!
Many do not know that there are community policing tactics and a community policing philosophy. One of those tactics is the tactic called "Broken Windows" this philosophy seeks to connect public disorder to crime rate and therefore making the case. This is why in every situation, police are not only interested in doing police work, they are also interested in telling people where to stand, go, how to look, what to do and not to do, much of which is well above and beyond typical police duties. Now, go back and look at the video links above and ask yourself why it was more important for the police to control certain individuals in the crown than to give Eric Garner medical care? They told everyone to get back while they themselves stood over the body, flipping Mr. Garner back and forth, claiming that he was breathing although he was clearly unresponsive. 

This FAILURE of a policing philosophy was introduced to the public by social scientists James Wilson and George Kelling in 1982. The tactic revolves around abject control through the incitement of fear and raising even "petty" offences to a high level, and addressing those offences with overwhelming force. This tactic is used and adopted by communities of all sizes, but is primarily implemented within Urban areas (areas where there are a lot of Black folk or cross racial diversity) and is used as a deterrent to crime by instilling fear in the heart of the criminals (by way of the entire community even their family members) and making those individuals come under subjection by eliminating community "disorder" (as they define it) readily and quickly. 

NY City Mayor de Blasio (lft)
NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton 
When we look at Commissioner Bill Bratton's reluctance to condemn the over-heavy handed actions of his police over a "suspected" single cigarette sale, we shouldn't be surprised. Not only has Bratton's NYPD adopted "Broken Windows" as a community policing tactic, but Bratton has also called one of the co-authors of the tactic, George Kelling, his "intellectual mentor"! Is it any wonder why NYPD has had such an overwhelming record of killing Black men over the years? 

On the other hand, (and THANK GOD that there is more reasonable thinking than that of Bratton and others who have adopted the sorry policy of "broken windows") Ralph B. Taylor in his BOOK, "Breaking Away from Broken Windows: Baltimore Neighborhoods and the Nationwide Fight Against Crime, Grime, Fear, and Decline" [ISBN 0813397588] asserts that if a community is looking to make a long term impact to decrease crime that community leaders should work together to assure the economic futures of the individuals or citizens that live in the affected areas. 

In other words, when it is found that individuals have to sell single cigarettes to live, wouldn't it be more wise to address the economics of the situation? What is the cost of living? Is it too high? Then does this man have a JOB? Is he ill and can't work, or can the community find a way to give him job training so that he can work?  instead of any of these things, we are supposed to believe that it is everyone's "best interest" to kill a man and then say, you simply "followed policy"??? R U SERIOUS???


As you can see, after a topical examination of the issues, community policing and the seeming state sanctioned murder of Black men is an important issue for not only the Black community, but the entire community. We should ask our police departments, "What is your community policing strategy?" This is vitally important to know and the stability of our entire community hangs in the balance.

How the police engage the community is of necessary and utmost importance. Believe me, we want police work to work in our favor, and no one suggests undermining police authority, but we also want FAIRNESS and JUSTICE, and we want the killing of Black men to stop. 

Maybe, this and other strategies, such as the "war on drugs" is an extension of slavery, when the Black population had to be "controlled" by the established powers. We can only speculate and look at the evidence. What we do know is that when a Black man is confronted by the police, the Constitutional question of "probable cause" and "unlawful search and seizure" does not seem to mean too much.

I have had to tell my son, who is BLACK like me, to not give police anything by which they may have an opportunity to look at you twice. Don't even question, simply take whatever punishment they dish out and handle it later...that is SAD...SAD because, no one payed any attention to Dr. Martin L. King Jr...There is NO ATTENTION paid to the content of one's character...SMH!!!!!!




20 Unarmed Black Men Shot by police

Broken Windows & Eric Garner


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Festival Of Praise Tour

A wonderful interview with 2 of Gospel music's greatest. THANK YOU Donnie for your honesty and we are praying for you that God will continue to give you strength. Yes, relationships are under attack, but God is a healer and thank both of you for considering that God wants to heal this generation. We need it!


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Islam, Submission With No Peace Pt. 9...ISIS

ISIS Executing Iraqi Soldiers
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) a force of nearly 7,000 to 8,000 Sunni militants, has quickly placed itself in the lead of the many woes facing the Middle East. Many of us have heard the threat of ISIS repeated over and over on the news and seen how this group (also called a mobile army) has kicked both Christians and other Muslims out of their homes. 

ISIS, with 800 men, captured the second most populous city in Iraq, Mosul, which was defended by 30,000 soldiers. This group has successfully waged war in both Syria and Iraq and is quickly gaining strength in the whole region in effort to establish a completely new state with a completely new Muslim ethic. 

For many Christians, the only thing we know of this group is that their name sounds like a Greek goddess and that they must be evil because they desecrated and blew up the grave of Jonah the prophet. This group is a Sunni Muslim group and as such has a distinct method of operation and leadership than their Shiite brothers. For a look at the split between Sunnis and Shiites, see the NPR WEBSITE

No matter what we believe about their mode of operation, be sure to know that ISIS and their threat is real. Funded by selling electricity and oil to help further their cause, ISIS is an organized group of Sunni Muslims that have swallowed Al-Qaeda as the regions number 1 terrorist group, looking to regain control of the region and reestablish the Caliphate putting down the more numerous Shia controlled government that arose in Iraq after the removal of Saddam Husein. In fact, as of this writing, they are directing their own government in the region in which they have captured cities and their efforts includes issuing license plates and directing the courts and court processes. 

First, you need to know...this is NOT a battle about religion as much as it is about POLITICAL POWER. The Sunnis that control ISIS feel left out by the Shia government of Nuri al-Maliki, as we will discuss below, and certainly have no sympathy for the US Government in any way. 

How Did This Happen?
Remember the Republican Guard? The army that deserted their posts because they saw the handwriting on the wall of a Saddam Hussein government and rule?  Many of the ISIS soldiers are the best of those soldiers that left. Also, do you remember Al-Qaeda? The terrorist group that the US dismantled? ISIS causes them to fear and has no respect for them and has also managed to attract some of their most fierce fighters. 

Then, you see, Syria is busy fighting a civil war and cannot do anything but buy electricity from this group...yes you read it right...as I stated earlier, there are not your ordinary terrorists. ISIS controls and sells electricity and oil as a means of funding its operations. 

It is all a tragedy and was encouraged because we didn't know any better. When leaders in most of the Muslim dominated Middle eastern countries started to be replaced and came under attack, our lead officials called it an "Arab-spring", claiming that these acts were acts of a desire for democracy and freedom...NOTHING was further from the truth. What it was, and what it always was, was an Arab takeover led by radical Muslims and those who otherwise want nothing but a form of sharia law to embrace the world. The West vastly underestimated the actual ethnic conflicts that have existed for years and the ethnic oppression of certain groups against others groups some of whom share the same religion. 

The Problems

Pt. 1: Nuri al-Maliki Is The Culpret

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki & President Barack Obama
What has given ISIS strength,  are the policies of Prime Minister Maliki who has used the law to undermine Sunni protests and to squash Sunni voices. It has been reported that the Maliki government has persecuted Sunnis who were otherwise performing peaceful protests and demonstrations by killing them or ordering them killed. It has also been reported that there have been mass incarcerations of individuals who are Sunni and who are sympathetic to the inclusion of Sunni rule or a Sunni voice in government. In other words the Nuri al-Maliki government has been a smiling, US backed, terror to the Sunnis all together. 

Pt. 2: The US, Iraq Exit Strategy Has Further Facilitated The Problem

The other part, along with a bad Maliki govt. that has allowed ISIS to expand and grow is the exist strategy of the United States. Not only did the Obama Presidency promise a withdrawal from the Mid-East, they also let a high level of known terrorist sympathizers and sworn haters of the West go free! Both of those things have given ISIS more personnel and more boldness to act and to push their agenda forward. 

The announced strategy of ":no boots on the ground" is doing nothing more than giving the ISIS, former Al-Qaeda oriented type of tactic, more strength. If there ever was a glaring deficiency with US foreign policy...this is it! This promise of "no boots" simply allows this group to become more embolden in their defiance against the west and they feel that they can overpower the forces that exist because they are split between Shiia and Sunni and have shown a small will to fight and defend themselves. 

For ISIS this is not about shared power or a formulation of a diverse or sectarian state...it is about Mid Eastern domination in order to gain control of political power and ultimately form the desired Caliphate state order.

UPDATE 8/9/14: 

In a Presidential address made on Saturday Aug. 9th, President Obama explained the exit strategy and why the American troops had to leave Iraq as they did. Although it was his commitment to bring troops home, there was a greater issue and problem that arose even under the Bush Presidency. It seemed to stem around Iraq's unwillingness to provide legal protections and exemptions to American soldiers and various individuals insulating them from prosecution if they were to engage in conflict with radical Iraqi citizens.

President Obama said that the Iraqi political leaders were not willing to provide such exemptions and exceptions for American military personnel. He posed that it would have been an exercise of violating the sovereignty of Iraq to maintain a US force in the country against Iraqi wishes.

Under those circumstances the Americans would have to exit the country leaving only a small force their for embassy and other basic needs to protect essential American personnel.

USA Today reports:
"Responding to a reporter's question, Obama said the U.S. did not leave troops in Iraq after the end of combat operations because Iraq's government did not a sign an agreement to have them there. Most of Iraq's citizens "did not want U.S. troops there," he said, adding that it's "bogus" for critics to attack him for the lack of a post-combat agreement."
So the exit strategy has been explained and I believe President Obama is correct. How can we simply occupy a country against a country's will when our mission in that country has ended. At that point the only thing that we can do is help stabilize the country and help avoid humanitarian crisis such as what we are seeing arising in this conflict.

What Of The Kurds?
You have heard a lot of talk about Kurdistan, and the Kurdish people. This is North-Eastern Iraq. The Kurds who are also mostly Sunni, have been a go-between to a degree in this conflict so far and have not suffered quite as much at least at the present time. We will hear on the news that the Kurds have been in a lone battle against ISIS and that they are under great duress...Don't believe everything you hear to the degree that you hear it...According to the research that we have done on this site, the Kurdish army is not Baghdad controlled. Consisting of over 250,000 or so individuals, they have been courted by both sides and have primarily maintained their own ground and are not sympathetic to a Maliki government. The problem is that they are underfunded and don't have enough weapons and the right type of weapons to defend themselves. 

The Kurds have also been able to annex Kirkuk which is a oil producing province and one that has allowed the Kurds to fund themselves.  Currently, the United States is providing a level of support to the Kurds by helping to upgrade their weapons and providing ammunition for them to wage war and fight.  The aim is to help the Kurds defend themselves along with the American assets within the country. 

The Fight & Persecution Of Christians & Non-Muslims

While ISIS has told Christians to "convert to Islam or die" in areas such as Qaraqosh, they have also persecuted others such as the Yazids threatening them the same way. As of this writing there are hundreds of thousands who have left their homes and run to the mountains in effort to avoid being killed by these terrorists. 

President Obama, tonight, Aug. 7th, 2014 has authorized air strikes against ISIS militants that advance into areas such as Erbil, the Kurdish capitol, but has not promised to weaponize the Kurds.(as of this writing) As suggested, Maliki has no incentive to weaponize anyone who is not under his control. Although he and his government has received much aid, training and weaponry from the US to "defend" themselves and the new Iraq, Maliki, does nothing but what he wants to do. These are some very serious issues and ISIS is taking advantage of all the confusion.  

This month, the Kurds have lost several towns minutes away from Erbil, the Kurdish capital. Noone knows what ISIS next move will be, but the Kurds stand ready to defend their Capitol city with the help of US air strikes.  

Then There's The Control Of Oil:

Brad Plumer from the Vox site said this:
But the fighting has threatened some of Iraq's other oil infrastructure, including a pipeline that can deliver 600,000 barrels of oil per day from Kirkuk to the Turkish port city of Ceyhan. (That pipeline had been damaged by a 2013 attack and was offline receiving repairs - that work has now been halted.) 
There's also potential for things to get a lot worse. If the conflict spreads further into the Kurdish regions, that could disrupt operations in the large Kirkuk oil field near the city of Mosul, which now produces around 260,000 barrels of oil per day - and accounts for one-sixth of the country's proven reserves. Iraq had plans to invest heavily in that oil field in the years ahead, and that's a lot harder now.
I want it to be known from this web site that although we take a lot of time making the distinction between Islam and Christianity in my posts, we want to make it perfectly clear, that we do not wish the death killing and or destruction of ANY Muslim man, women or child, nor the displacement any Muslim from their home or country.

What this group known as ISIS is doing is atrocious and should be condemned by the world to the highest degree. Their leaders should be given trial and summarily executed because there is no excuse for their murderous tactic. If they had simply taken land and held prisoners, that would have been more honorable than the devil/infidel MESS that they are currently doing in the name of liberation.

I will encourage every Muslim in Iraq who may read this post to take care of themselves and their family and know that we are praying for your safety and peace. Only I am praying in the name of the Lord Most High...that is in Jesus Name!

Wa ‘alaykum al-salaam (وعليكم السلام) 


At 10:45 PM(cst), CNN reported that President Obama has also authorized the delivery of hellfire missiles to the Kurds so that they can protect Erbil. The Maliki govt. is not equipping the Kurds so America is.

USA Today Video:

See all of our Islam, Submission With No Peace posts HERE

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Hunt With John Walsh

I will certainly be watching and tuning this in on Sunday evening. 8/10/2014 on CNN.

May the Lord bless John Walsh and his work as he has taken the pain of a lifetime and turned that into a blessing for countless thousands. 


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Engaging The Culture...What Is Your Purpose?

Is American culture an unbelieving culture? Have we given this culture or generation good reasons to believe? Simply saying, "you need Jesus" is ineffective because most people have no clue what that means. What does it mean to "engage the culture" and not loose one's spiritual identity in the process?
These are the questions that we must ask as we engage this modern generation and modern culture. They have been fed so much information, much of which is centered on the supremacy of man and mankind. Given a steady diet of the world and what the world thinks, can be corrosive and damaging to the center of ones being, because life does not revolve only around material and materialism, it is a spiritual journey and what ones spirit aspires to could have an eternal weight of measure. 

In our Facebook forum, "In Defense Of The Faith~1 Pet. 3:15" I shared a recent incident in which I overheard a young lady discussing the bible, God and her opposition to the theistic beliefs and the Christian narrative in particularly. 

She was a nice young lady and her conversation struck me in particularly because she had no idea who I was and I certainly didn't ruin it for her. Before we parted, I explained to her my interest in what she was saying and asked her to join the conversation on facebook as I dealt with her concerns and the things that she brought up. 

Here are a few of her concerns as I remember them:
1- I don't believe in God because I don't know where he came from or who he is. Everybody
has a birth, but God just is. What is that? I mean I understand Jesus, because he had a mother and a father. I understand other people 'cause we know where they came from and who their parents are. I don't know where God came from. Can't no preacher tell me where God came from they just tell me to believe so I can be saved....I said believe in who and what? 
2- (because of 1 above) What gives God the right to just tell me and everybody else what to do? We don't even know where he comes from! 
3- I am here because of my parents. I am not here for anything else but for what I want to be here for. 
4- I am a self directed person. I just do what I think is right. Can't no God that we don't know, tell me how I should do anything. That don't make no sense to me. 
5- If there was only 2 people in the world then where did everybody else come from? You mean to tell me that Adam and eve's kids had sex with one another and had kids? That's just nasty! That don't make any sense to me. 
6- Read the bible. There is a lot of stuff in there that don;t make no sense like all of us coming from 2 people. Like how could Eve come from somebody's rib? Be serious? How does a person come from somebody else's body parts?

While some of my atheist friends who are regular readers will think, "smart girl"...and while I would agree, I would also affirm that her sentiments when examined are only apropos to the culture and severely short-sighted.  

While I dealt with all of her objections on facebook, I will deal with part of her assertions in this post. I will deal with the rest in the comments as various other parts come up. It was particularly interesting as I am writing a new book called "Manifest Purpose" and also reading a Myles Munroe classic "In Pursuit Of Purpose".  Dr. Munroe says in his Introduction:

"There is also a generation in every nation that seems to have lost its sense of purpose. They are out of touch with the values, morals and convictions that build strong families, secure communities, healthy societies and prosperous nations. Thus the moral fabric of most societies is being stretched and tested to its outer limits. In every nation the concern is the same."
At the heart of the issue is purpose. If we are products of blind chance and a cosmic accident, we have every right to self direct, because nothing ultimately means anything. However, if we are created by an intelligent mind, then that mind created each individual for a purpose and every life serves a purpose. 

Engaging This Generation

This is what I said regarding what she stated in #'s 3 and 4 which was really only about purpose:
Objections 3 & 4 ~ "I have my own purpose in life, noone else, especially a God can do that for me" & "I follow the dictates of my own mind" 
I restated the objections because that is what it basically comes down to. Is our life about fulfilling our own purpose? Is following the dictates of the mind the best way for us to live? The young lady offers some good food for thought and something that seems to be a center thread of this modern generation.  
First, I am sure that most people who have this thought have never thought about the nature of purpose, or what relationship life has to purpose. This is why having the proper belief system is vitally important. If we are just cosmic accidents or products of blind material existence, then we can ultimately have no purpose. All things are simply accidents. 
In a God  or Christ paradigm things are different. Under our paradigm purpose deals with intent or the way something was intended to be used or presented. You are who you are by design and you have the ability to do what you do by intent. In other words, you are not an accident and by virtue of that, your life and actions mean something.
One aspect that is often overlooked is that purpose also deals with solving a particular problem or an issue. Every engineer knows that the first stop is to receive a set of problems that need to be addressed. After that assessment has been made, then you begin the design with the intent of solving or addressing the issues. You give and take to accomplish the outlined goals.  
Any other use outside of the intended design may be a self directed type of purpose, but it could also be a misuse of the way things were intended to be and work. In that case, operating outside of the design specification creates a problem for the designed piece.  
So although we can have purposes relative to our experiences, and live in those things as many do all the time, we can never implement our own ultimate purpose. We did not design ourselves and our parents only facilitated the material process of our being, not the spiritual or more overarching premise of who we are.  
If we believe that we are only products of material creation, then we short change ourselves. We underestimate our value, our intent and our design. One may follow the dictates of their own mind, but to do so is much less than how we were designed and intended to be used or directed in life. This is in part why the mind of all things, is so unstable. Only God can tame and or direct both it and the desires of the heart. 

Understanding purpose means to understand that God did not make preparation for our lives on the fly. There is an intent and a design for our lives, even if we can't currently understand it. From suffering and pain, to the greatest victory and the highest heights. God has a PLAN for each of us and it is not a surprise plan.

As I said, I addressed the other elements of her conversation and also invited her to view and engage further. Hopefully we will meet again so I can tell her that there are good answers to her concerns. I was encouraged more than ever to continue to tell the truth  and uphold the standard of Jesus because WE may be the only light that the world will ever see and it is more than worth blessing a soul!


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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sexual Abuse & Silence STILL Doesn't Mix

Catholic Archbishop Robert Carlson claimed in a recent sworn deposition and testimony, that in the 80's, while he was Chancellor of the diocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul, that he was unaware that sexual molestation of minors, or pedophilia was a crime.

How convenient it is to forget events and remain silent about what you know when your back is against the wall...For the Catholic Bishop in the video, I think with all that he didn't know, it probably would have been more easy to ask him what he did know...That list may have been much more short and simple to understand.

While it is difficult to remember details to conversations and actions that occurred nearly 30 or so years ago, it is all too corporately acceptable to hold to ignorance and obfuscate when all else fails...The only problem is that whatever was true then, should be true now and only a 'lie" needs to be "touched up" or refreshed.

~~My Mock Interview With Carlson~~
Me: Bishop, since you seem to have forgotten so much, do you know or remember the WORD of God? 
Bishop Carlson: I don't remember that either? 
Me: Well that is obvious...I just thought you may have forgotten that you forgot and remembered by now.... 
Bishop Carlson: Well, that makes sense...I think I remember that...
Arguably, his deposition seems to be a crime itself. It is it below, if you have about 3 hours to kill... but first...

The COGIC Challenge....

Burnett Testimony In High Profile Case
I was deposed in a setting of this sort. I was deposed regarding events that I had not witnessed, but was versed on when it came to sexual abuse and certain actions and procedures within our church. Except, my deposition was much longer...it was about 5 hours. 

Before I could complete the final 2 hours, the church...YES the Grand Ole COGIC SETTLED with the persons who were suing them, and in the process, demanded a gag order, or an order of silence upon the "victims" or "plaintiffs" with whom they settled. In other words, the church took out the Grand Ole Checkbook, the victims got paid, shut-up according to order, and my 5 hours never saw the light of day. That's OK.

Gate-Way To The Midwest

Now, it is interesting that this Catholic Bishop, is now in St. Louis, MO.  For those who don't know, St. Louis is the current home of the COGIC Holy Convocation. The Holy Convocation is COGIC's largest and most important annual convention or meeting. 

My question is will COGIC, since it presents such an influential event in St. Louis, MO.,  make a statement condemning sexual abuse of all kinds? Since they have failed to do so previously even regarding atrocities which have arisen from our own ranks, I would implore and urge officials that understand the seriousness of these issues to make and take a stand.   

I CHALLENGE COGIC to SPEAK UP and take a position on this matter and other matters of sexual abuse in favor of victims rights. Further, I CHALLENGE the leaders of our church to take an open stand against abuse or all forms both inside and outside of the church and take a vocal and active role in bringing deliverance, help and healing to the VICTIMS (Remember those who have been damaged by the perverted actions of others?)
I have done my best to make this so and will continue to advocate as strongly as I am able. I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council, plans to speak up once again at the 2014 Holy Convocation. It is my hope that our COGIC officials will join me in this effort and also take a serious look at the victim's advocacy proposal that I have presented to certain "high level" officials within the church. 

It is ABSOLUTELY foolish to continue to do the same thing and expect different results... Do the right think and make molesters and predators know that their day is ended!


Bishop Carlson's Full Deposition  

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Son Of Hamas Founder..."Dying Is A Way Of Worship!"

Genesis 12:3 ~ 3-And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

The Gaza strip war and conflict has been spurred on by the terrorist group hamas. Unfortunately, the anti Israeli sentiment has sank in across America sparking marches and demonstrations all over.

However, before one gets carried away, one must know the TRUTH behind what is really going on. One cannot negotiate with anyone who believes that their mission in life is to create and support murder and death of all that they believe stand between themselves and their ultimate utopia. 

As for me and my house...we CONTINUE to bless Israel and the people of God (the church that is in Jesus Christ) all around the world. We will not be deceived! The demon of the ideology called hamas can do nothing but be cast out and trampled under our feet!


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Human Trafficking...Real People, Real Situations Deserve A REAL Church!

I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council allows us to press the battle against sexual abuse to the church and church related entities in effort to help heal and minister to those in need.

However, there is a growing faction of individuals caught within a growing societal subclass that desperately need ministry and the church to show up. This is in part why we MUST deal with our issues within the church. Jesus said it like this:

Matthew 7:3-5 ~ 3-And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4-Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam isin thine own eye? 5-Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

The church must get it right and address the issues within its boarders.

While that happens, those of us on the mission field who know and believe in the value of life and the human heart and spirit, must be reminded that these are real people. They need us and WE need them! Most importantly, they need us to be REAL!


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Friday, July 25, 2014

The World, READY To Hate Believers!

In an interview conducted by NFL writer, Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, with former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach and NBC sports commentator, Tony Dungy, Tony said the following regarding openly homosexual NFL player Michael Sam:

“I wouldn’t have taken him,’’...“Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it. “It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.’’
Now, I watched and listened as this firestorm took wings. As the new U.S. Socialist, Secular Humanistically inspired, politically correct, talking head police moved in like vultures to devour fresh roadkill on an Arizona highway....I have never heard more blatantly ignorant commentary in my life regarding a subject that was blown so far out of proportion. 

I heard people blaming Tony's Christianity and belief in the bible for his so called "small" views and that he was a secret "homophobe" (whatever that is) because he stated some rather obvious points from a coaching and team management perspective. There were so many people ready to bash Christianity, the bible and the biblical teachings against homosexuality when Dungy made his comments that it was sickening. Local news personalities claimed to be upset that Dungy would invoke his "Christian beliefs" and others were ready to bash the bible as an old irrelevant book, further demonstrating their ignorance that the WORD of God IS a LIVING document. 

Then further, not only did we hear that because Coach Dungy stood with Michael Vick and Plaxico Burriss through their life's struggles that he was somehow less than a Christian by making statements that were "against" Homo-Sam... I heard the continued ignorant ramblings of a comparison of being Black or a minority, and the struggle for civil rights based on color with homosexuality and the struggle for their acceptance in society and homosexual marriage....Look...ANYONE can have sex and stop having sex...every one is free to have sex with whomever they wish, within the bounds of law, however RACE is something that NONE of us can stop, turn off or turn on...There is NO COMPARISON between being Black, and the struggle for civil rights based on color and being a homosexual and struggling for recognition within society based on who you "love" and how you like to have sex...STOP THE MADNESS!

Although homosexual advocates are piggybacking on civil rights advances by Blacks and minorities within society, homosexuality is STILL a choice of sex and sexual activity that DOES NOT deserve to be favored or protected in law as we see happening within America's courts. Certainly, all people deserve dignity and respect. That is NOT the question. But stop the PRETENSE that Black parallels are gay parallels. They ARE NOT!   
Stephen To The Rescue?

Until Stephen A Smith (ESPN Sports Analyst) undertook the topic, I thought to myself, what happened to the "tolerance" of the so called tolerant? And why are these folk bashing the bible and Christianity when the man did not invoke ONE bible scripture, nor was he preaching a message? 

Stephen may be challenged on many issues, and is certainly not one that fights for Christian conservatism, but his comments were much better than almost any that I heard within the media:

Tony's subsequent statement on the issue:

On Monday afternoon while on vacation with my family, I was quite surprised to read excerpts from an interview I gave several weeks ago related to this year's NFL Draft, and I feel compelled to clarify those remarks.
I was asked whether I would have drafted Michael Sam and I answered that would not have drafted him. I gave my honest answer, which is that I felt drafting him would bring much distraction to the team. At the time of my interview, the Oprah Winfrey reality show that was going to chronicle Michael's first season had been announced.
I was not asked whether or not Michael Sam deserves an opportunity to play in the NFL. He absolutely does.
I was not asked whether his sexual orientation should play a part in the evaluation process. It should not.
I was not asked whether I would have a problem having Michael Sam on my team. I would not.
I have been asked all of those questions several times in the last three months and have always answered them the same way—by saying that playing in the NFL is, and should be, about merit.
The best players make the team, and everyone should get the opportunity to prove whether they're good enough to play. That's my opinion as a coach. But those were not the questions I was asked.
What I was asked about was my philosophy of drafting, a philosophy that was developed over the years, which was to minimize distractions for my teams.
I do not believe Michael's sexual orientation will be a distraction to his teammates or his organization.
I do, however, believe that the media attention that comes with it will be a distraction. Unfortunately we are all seeing this play out now, and I feel badly that my remarks played a role in the distraction.
I wish Michael Sam nothing but the best in his quest to become a star in the NFL and I am confident he will get the opportunity to show what he can do on the field.
My sincere hope is that we will be able to focus on his play and not on his sexual orientation.

Sorry, if I were a football coach, I would not have drafted Sam either. Not because of his homosexuality, or ability/inability to play the game, but because of his desire to have all attention on him and to maximize and play his sexuality into the shame of others...

Yes, SHAME...Michael Sam strategically came out as gay BEFORE the NFL draft in order to make his being gay a human and humanistic issue in exchange for a NFL chance. He focused on his sexual orientation when noone cared although it was speculated. Certainly he may have suffered in the draft by obtaining a lower place, the fact is that all eyes were not on Michael Sam and the NFL would have taken a hit in the socialist media by not drafting him or giving him an opportunity. It was a "PR hot potato" from the day that he was compelled to open up and say that he was gay. All the liberals in the world were calling him "courageous" and claiming that it was "great to have an openly gay NFL football player". One way or another, Sam was getting an NFL chance. Of that there was no doubt. 

Further, for an new athlete to have a reality show deal at a time when a coach and team are building and learning one another(and he is not even officially on the team yet)  is more NARCISSISM. I could not in good conscience draft a man who not only poses a disruption in the locker room but a disruption in the way of doing business. There is certainly more to it than who is taking showers with whom and where...(and THAT is a consideration...I wouldn't want any gay gawkers looking at me in the locker room!) There is the continuity of a TEAM and common goal that must be considered, and like any coach Dungy spoke from that place of concern. 

Sorry you Christian and bible haters! If you think that Christians hate gays and that the bible endorses gay hate, you are critically deceived and need some sort of lifeline to come back to reality. Our love for God does not diminish the love for humanity, it only orders it placing it in full perspective.

Tony did not mention the bible, he only tries to live out its virtues, and it may be surprising to you to know that there are many more considerations in life than the considerations of those who embrace the sin of homosexuality. We love you, but please don't be upset because we don't encourage, embrace or endorse your lifestyle and we won't be shamed into doing so. Thank you very merch!


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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter To The President. Archie Bunker Would Love This...

Archie, you're still a racist.
"Why, Thank youze very much!"
Religious organizations serve the community and public because of their faith. They are emulated all over the world and one would have to bury their head in the sand to deny the influence of faith on community service in general. This is in part why arguments to remove religion from public life are so unsuccessful. there is no other philosophy of life powerful enough to cause persons to walk out their faith or "belief" on such a consistent basis. 

However, when organizations are asked to be or do something that they are not, or to even violate their faith in order to qualify for the dollars essential to doing the tasks that they are called upon to do, there is a problem. In recent times we have seen that problem come to shape by and through the promotion of the homosexual agenda championed by President Obama and his administration. 

Recently, the President stated that he was doing all that he could do to make sure that the LGBT community would not be discriminated against in employment and hiring practices, especially by companies which receive or compete for federal tax dollar funding. 

Herein is a letter from several nationally recognized leaders, not calling on the President to stop claiming that they are somehow discriminating, but to ask him to make an exception for them, under his new plans and direction.  

As I see it, the PROBLEM still exists that these leaders are allowing this President to get away with the idea that religions are 'discriminating" by not hiring gays. In all the words, there is not one mention that WE DO NOT HOLD THAT WE ARE DISCRIMINATING IN ANY WAY...but there is acknowledgement that we should remain "respectful" and "diverse" even in disagreement...

So, get this, here we have organizations asking for an exemption but not a clarification of what discrimination is and why they are not discriminating by not hiring homosexuals as a part of their core work...This document, as noble as it may be for those who receive federal dollars to do ministry, DOES NOT hit the target of the problem, nor does it challenge this administration to REVERSE harmful stereotypes and caricatures of the religious community which has served and continues to serve both gay and straight men, and women in the communities in which these organizations exist. 

Last I knew, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake of the COGIC was on the 25 member board of "Faith Based & Community Partnerships" council. Hopefully he will speak up and influence the President in this. 

As for me, don't characterize ME as one who discriminates because I do not hire a gay person to work in my religious work. I don't accept that I discriminate and need an "exception". The fact is that I also do not hire anyone who lives in known immorality. Why should we be made to treat the SIN of homosexuality any differently than other sins? 

I hope some can see through the smoke and see what is really happening with this one...Blessed!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

COGIC AIM(s) At The Levitical Order

On last Thursday July 3rd in the AIM (Auxiliaries In Ministry) Convention Evangelist and Music Department President Dr. Judith Christie McCallister took the stage to deliver a message in pursuit of a new directive that Supt. Michael Eaddy, Chairman of the General Council Of Pastors And Elders has set forth within the church under the approval of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake. The event called "The Procession Of The Levites" involved renewing the perspective on the "Glory" of God within the church by emphasizing King David, and his purpose in restoring the Ark Of The Covenant, which represented God's presence, to Israel. this story of course can be found in 2 Sam. 6.  

In a particular part of the service many of the Elders agreed to dress in what was deemed "Levitical garments" with a recreated, mock, "Ark Of The Covenant", and were to process around the sanctuary/auditorium behind the singers and dancers with the mock Ark. Of course this was supposed to be representative of the "Glory Of The Lord" defeating the enemies of God's people through the invocation of the Lord's presence through the Ark and among the people. Ie: the church. 


In my book, "Ministering Effectively", I examine the Levitical priest and worship under the Levitical system as well, and I sincerely applaud the church leaders call to holiness by looking at and examining this model contained within scripture. So I simply want to say that I understand the basis of this concept. However, I focus on how the works and actions of that Priest interface with Jesus himself as he is a High Priest. Remember, Jesus is NOT a priest after the order of the Levites, but after the order of Melchisedic. 

Hebrews 6:20 ~ Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.

How We Got Here:

The examination of the Levite only takes us so far in understanding the glory of God as he reveals his path and plan. Understanding the Ark Of The Covenant is to also understand that it, (The Ark) was NOT a good luck charm or something that could, in and of itself, make the presence of God come into any situation. The understanding that God is not a charm, potion, or a set of commands such as an incantation, should be clear when we examine how Israel lost the presence of God to the Philistines to begin with. It was 1 Sam. 4:21-22 that said: 

21-And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband. 22-And she said, The glory is departed from Israel: for the ark of God is taken.

Israel, under Eli, the last High Priest in that era, made the dreadful mistake of invoking God's power, by bringing the Ark Of The Covenant onto the battlefield without sanctifying God in their hearts. Their leaders, as a whole, refused to sanctify themselves and they did not obey God in purity. Remember, it was Eli's sons, Hophni and Phineas who were wicked in the service of the Lord and continued to do evil without the correction of Eli. Eli summarily addressed their sins, but the defiled priests failed to show or display any form of repentance. They continued to take more than what was their share of the meat brought to the Temple for sacrifice. They continued to sexually molest and defile the virgins brought to the Temple during the time of dedication to the Lord, and did service without regard to purity in any form. (1 Sam. 2:12-17, 22-25) 

Remember, the glory was LOST due to willful disobedience, stiff-necked(ness) and hearts that were hardened to and in sin. Although these evil practices happened at the place of worship, the whole multitude was affected, and God's people put to open shame.

THAT is how the Glory was lost. Before we can get it back, we must FIRST go back, offer repentance for what we have allowed and throw ourselves on the mercy and alter of God!     

Moving Into The Modern Pursuit Of The Glory Of God:

As I stated, the examination of the Levite can only take us so far. Why? Because, the Priesthood of Jesus is NOT dependent upon Levitical service and the practice of the Levite. Anything that we find the Levite doing  in detail, only points to what we would find in Jesus and in preparation for service in Christ. 

While I don't want to rain on anyone's party or throw a hammer and a wrench in the festivities, not because one should not be thrown, but because I really don't want to start fighting yet another battle and because I believe that calling the church to spiritual renewal is a good thing, (IF that was the call that was made, and I am not convinced based on the lack of call to corporate repentance) I couldn't help but think: "What are these folk doing?" and "Do they not understand that JESUS IS the glory of God and that HE is not and cannot be carried any longer on a cart?", and that "the Temple in which the glory of God now resides is the Temple of the body?"

Scripture records:

1 Cor. 6:19 ~ What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Whereas in the Old Testament (OT) the presence of the Lord dwelt in the Temple or what was previously called the "Tabernacle Of Meeting" or the "Tabernacle Of The Congregation" (Ex. 33:7). the word "tabernacle" meant "tent" which carries the further meaning of "abiding with".  That tabernacle or "abiding with" presence of God is now with and in us the believer:

John 15:4Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

Col. 1:27 ~ To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

The presence of Jesus in the individual life of each believer is BETTER than the expectation of the glory of God  which was limited to the Ark Of The Covenant. Now, God's presence is more expansive and more comprehensive. Not only that, the glory is now a permanent, abiding presence that is to be with us always:

John 14:16 ~ And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

One may say, that is simply reflective of the Holy Ghost and the other scriptures of Jesus. I would say, to whom do you think the Glory Of God refers? The glory of God is not a coat, or a part of God. The glory of God IS God! Herein is the understanding of the entirety of the OT writing concerning HIS Glory. 

John 1:14 ~And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Repentance...The KEY To Glory

The works and actions of the Levite Priest are only a look into the much better proliferation of GLORY that we find in Jesus. Repentance, however is the FIRST key and step to obtaining the abiding presence of God.

Unfortunately, as I alluded to earlier, I did not hear a call to corporate repentance from the leaders of this church. Neither do I see an effort to heal those who have been victims and continue to be victims of sexual abuse. That is only one part of all things, but it is a part of which I am and have been intimately involved in as far as reform is concerned. I have heard and continue to hear talk about what we "should" do and how we "need" to do thing etc, but I did not hear a clarion call to repentance as a corporate body of believers for what we have allowed and for what has caused the glory of the Lord to diminish at least within our camp. 

Please let it be known that neither a reversion to Judaism  or its customs will usher the "Glory Of God" into our presence or back into this church, if it be that the glory has departed. To walk as a reenactment of an historical event is one thing. To walk and process as Levites in order to gain the Glory of God back into the church or among the people of God is quite another. That latter will never produce fruit and is a fruitless effort and exercise of fantasy. 

However the concept of the "procession of the Levites" concept came to the church, it is my prayer that the church does not become more enthralled with the performance of ceremony than the acceptance of the substance that the ceremony represents and points toward.

JESUS IS the glory of God! Not only that, but Jesus IS God! God's presence cannot be carried in an Ark, on a cart with or without staves. The wall of partition has been broken down and destroyed. He cannot be paraded around at a particular place, for HE is in us ALL and will abide with us always.

Matthew 28:18-20 ~ 18-And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. 19-Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20-Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, evenunto the end of the world. Amen. 

We will continue to observe this movement within the church and advocate against some of the more fringe elements that seem to be appearing, such as the encouragement to purchase Levitical prayer garments or embrace customs of Judaism.


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